Businesses of all shapes and sizes rely on an ultrafast internet connection to run efficiently and in some cases, to even run at all. As technology is evolving the workplace, understandably customers place a higher importance on minimising potential downtime and maximising speeds.

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Some of the key ways technology has contributed to changing the workplace include:


Less customers pick up the phone to call a business these days with there being so many other contact methods available like live chat, emails and social media. If your internet connection was to drop, imagine how many potential customers you could lose. Read how a back-up internet provider can protect your business.


Companies are steering away from traditional bookkeeping techniques and embracing platforms such as Xero and QuickBooks to digitally keep track of their transactions. With useful data gathered and displayed instantly on your dashboard, these platforms help to make better business decisions and mean you don’t get lost in a stack of receipts.

From April 2019, most VAT registered businesses with a taxable turnover above £85,000 must keep digital VAT records, sign up for Making Tax Digital for VAT and use software compatible with Making Tax Digital to submit VAT Returns.


Whether it’s checking out your competitors or looking into some new ideas for an upcoming project, the internet opens the to door to many new opportunities. There’s so much information at your fingertips, ready for you to discover more about your chosen subject.


The way to get in front of your customers is to be visible in the places that they are. Social media is likely to be a major player in your marketing plan so gearing up with a high performance internet connection will mean you never miss a tweet. You can like, share and follow until your heart’s content to build up that all-important follower count.


An increased online presence more often than not leads to an increased level of sales enquiries. How your team deal with these enquiries has likely made significant changes over the past few years with new CRMs and digital tools in place to manage the workflow of your team. Could your company cope with the management of new customers without the internet?

It’s only when your internet connection drops that you realise how much your business relies on it to function. Consider improving your connection and get in touch with our team today to find out your options.