Even for the smallest of businesses, the sudden loss of an internet connection can be a nightmare. For medium or bigger sized businesses, it can be an absolute disaster.

In a report carried out by Beaming, the specialist business ISP, it is estimated that last internet outages cost UK businesses £12 billion in total, dating from March 2015 – March 2016.

Internet failures can happen for a large number of reasons. Many internet service providers are under a constant threat of cyberattack, and while many of these providers have their own measures in place to defend against these attacks, some can still break through the initial defence barrier. As a business, you should have your own measures in place to protect you against the loss of internet connection. A back-up service provider is one of the best ways of doing this.

Internet has become an essential part of most businesses. For many of them, the biggest question is: will the extra money I pay for an alternative internet provider be a worthwhile investment? 

To best consider this answer, we need to look at how much internet downtime can cost your business. More than one in ten UK businesses said they currently manage their internet outages by switching to an alternative provider, but nearly a quarter of UK businesses said they were forced to remain open for longer to catch up with time lost due to outages. For bigger businesses with a larger workforce, those staffing hours will soon add up. 

Many businesses rely on a reliable internet connection to quickly upload and distribute materials online. The sudden loss of connection, or impaired speeds, can have devastating results – especially on deadline day. Internet Service Providers can also suffer slow speeds or turbulent connection issues just before or shortly after an attack. At times when download speeds and upload speeds slow to an almost halt, the benefits of having an alternative broadband supplier are cause for celebration.

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