In this post we explore how can keep the costs of flights down, keep your Facebook account secure remotely and save money whilst shopping on your favourite websites. Here are 5 internet hacks you can try:

#1 Use Twitter and YouTube shortcuts 

Do you find you spend lots of time on Twitter? Use your time more efficiently by taking advantage of Twitter shortcuts. On desktop, hit the spacebar to page down and reduce scroll time, press ‘o’ to expand a photo quickly and ‘n’ and ‘g’ together to jump and view your notifications. There are so many shortcuts you could find useful - here’s the full list:

There are some shortcuts for YouTube too … hit ‘K’ or the spacebar while you’re watching a video to pause / play it. J will rewind 10 seconds and L will fast-forward 10 second. M will mute the sound and F will put you into full-screen mode. These simple shortcuts can help you have a better overall YouTube experience. 

#2 Keep your Facebook account private

Have you ever forgotten to log out of Facebook from your work laptop? Or a friends computer? Don’t worry. You can stop unwanted eyes from looking through your personal bits and bobs by remotely logging out. Simply go to your Facebook settings and click on the ‘security and logins’ tab. It will show you the devices that your Facebook account is logged into on that page and you can easily log out from any unwanted locations.

#3 Clear your cookies to keep flight and holiday prices low 

Travel and flight companies use something called ‘dynamic pricing’ to decide what price to show a holiday or flight at to you. If you keep looking at it, they’ll know you’re keen and ramp up the pricing so you book before it goes up even higher. A clever way to avoid this tactic is by removing the cookies on your browser.

Simply put, cookies are little pieces of code that track your search history. They show the details of your web browsing, so by deleting those you’re effectively deleting your search. Find out how to clear your cookies here. Another option is to use your browser’s version of a ‘private’ or ‘incognito’ window, so that cookies aren’t saved during your search.

#4 Download the Honey app to get access to discount codes 

There’s a free browser extension called ‘Honey’ you can use that automatically finds and applies coupon codes on your favourite websites. It’ll give you all the discount code options available on that website so you can pick which is relevant to your shop and save money. Find out more here. The discount code options will pop up to your right as shown below:

#5 Use Google as a calculator, currency converter or translator

Did you know you can use the Google search bar as a calculator? Simply type in your equation, hit enter and Google will do the rest:

Likewise, Google has a currency exchange feature. So for example you can search ‘£1,000 in Dollars’ and Google will work out what it’s worth for you:

You can also ask Google to translate english words into another language … 

On that note, hvala vam for reading our blog post! We hope you picked up some useful tips and tricks to enhance your online experience. 

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