Most businesses these days rely heavily on a fast and efficient internet connection for their company to be able to run. Slow internet can be a major setback for the workplace. 

There’s nothing worse than being on a roll and smashing through your ‘to do’ list then getting held back by a troublesome internet connection. 

Read on if you’re looking for some advice to speed up your WiFi so you can improve business productivity:

#1 Don’t leave unnecessary apps and tabs running in the background

A simple one to start with, close anything down you’re no longer using. When you have multiple unused tabs / apps open they’ll slow down your system and can lead to performance issues. Only keep the essentials open. 

Clearing your browser's cache could also help towards improving the speed you’re getting - doing this at least once or twice a year is recommended and a quick Google search will tell you how to do it if you’re not sure.

#2 Is your equipment up to date?

Old computers and laptops can struggle to keep up with the internet speeds of today so upgrade your tech accordingly to take advantage of the advancements. 

It might be that the problem isn’t your internet connection, but an issue with the processing speeds of your equipment.

#3 Make sure your router isn’t letting you down

The biggest culprit when it comes to slow internet speeds is the router. As with laptops and computers, you’ll need to make sure your router is up to date and powerful enough to enhance performance. 

Take care with where you position your router. The further away your device is from the router, the more limited your connection will be so placing it in a central location will stand you in good stead. Be mindful that signals can struggle to travel through walls so be considerate with the placement. 

Our team can help to improve the coverage of your connection through boosters, get in touch and we’ll be happy to recommend how we can improve coverage.

#4 Consider switching internet provider

If you’re reading this article, it’s likely that you’re unhappy with the speeds you’re receiving from your current provider. We’d love to have the opportunity to help you find a new package that would work better for your business: / 01482 241234

If upgrading your connection isn’t something you’d be interested at this time then we’d urge you to consider getting a secondary internet connection installed for resilience. Find out how we helped Mobius Media with a backup - they actually ended up making us their primary connection in the end due to the impressive speeds we could offer!